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How to Stay Motivated Past January

January is the time when everyone is setting New Year’s resolutions for their professional and personal lives. But too often those goals and aspirations are abandoned by February. So, how can you keep those New Year’s resolutions and stay motivated to grow your real…

Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Referral Network

Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Referral Network

For most North Carolina real estate brokers, lead generation makes up a huge part of each day. Many swear by cold calling or door knocking or paid advertising to ensure a steady flow of new clients and new listings. However, these cold leads take…

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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of “My Word Is My Bond”

You’ve heard the phrase, “My word is my bond.” You may have said it yourself. You may believe, as we do, that keeping one’s word is important. The problem is that, in the day-to-day practice of real estate, our words are simply not the…