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Free Webinar: How New Ethical Standards Impact You

As the real estate industry continues to evolve and the National Association of REALTORS® updates its ethics standards to be more aligned with today’s current environment, there are a lot of questions about what the actual changes are and the implications of those changes. Join…

Top 10 Homes From Your Favorite Holiday Movies

The idea of “home” is an important one in songs, stories, and movies that are set during the holiday season. As that magical time of year rolls around, we wanted to revisit some of the iconic homes that serve as idyllic settings for our…

How to Find and Develop Your Real Estate Niche

The most successful North Carolina real estate brokers typically aren’t jacks of all trades. They have a specialty or a niche. When you become an expert in a specific area, you’ll be better positioned to serve clients seeking your specific knowledge. Plus, you’ll have…

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6 Steps to Getting New Real Estate Clients

As a new broker, you can’t just count on referrals, word-of-mouth, and marketing and promotional efforts. In order to get your real estate business rolling you’ll need fresh real estate prospecting ideas, as well as a solid prospecting plan. Use the following steps to…

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Top Real Estate Markets to Watch for 2021

According to recent surveys from the Pew Research Center, a whopping 22% of Americans said they’d either moved or know someone who did during the pandemic. Naturally, this has caused some major shifts in U.S. housing markets, both in demand and in pricing. Here…

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3 Money Management Tips for New Real Estate Brokers

Money management is an important skill for budgeting and to keep afloat in this commission-driven profession—especially during the initial phase of launching your real estate business. As a new North Carolina real estate broker, you must deal with the unpredictability of when and how…

How to Land Your First North Carolina Real Estate Listing

Getting started in real estate is no easy task, and many new North Carolina real estate brokers simply aren’t prepared for the hard work that goes into creating a successful career. Building a solid real estate business takes hard work and commitment, particularly when…

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What Clients Want From Their Real Estate Broker

Real estate is a wealth-generating industry. Almost every multi-millionaire in the country will say that a good portion of their fortune has been made in the real estate industry. Many will say that having a real estate license was instrumental to their financial success. They will…

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7 Steps to a Strong Real Estate Business Plan

Before construction begins on a home, a solid architectural plan is laid out to guide the construction team. Similarly, your real estate business should start the same way. A real estate business plan may seem daunting to create, but it is critical to developing…

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The Cost of Bad Customer Service

Just as dark is the absence of light, bad customer service in real estate is the lack of something extra. Real estate brokers seldom commit blatant errors in their customer service delivery. Rather, their mistakes are of omission: neglecting to provide the little extras,…

Top Books to Improve Your Real Estate Negotiation Skills

As a North Carolina real estate broker, your income is determined by your ability to close the deal. Therefore, negotiation skills are essential. To successfully master the art of real estate negotiations, you’ll want to find the most creative and powerful strategies available. To…


4 Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Give Back

Want your real estate career to make an impact on your local community? There are several ways North Carolina real estate brokers can give back and serve people in need. Through real estate charities and some creative thinking, you can use your career to…

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