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Get a step-by-step plan of action that makes it easy to get started. We’ve taken the confusion out of getting started, and have created a simple and straightforward plan that helps make your path clear.

The Superior Plan: The Step-By-Step Guide To Launch Your New Career.

If your are interested in becoming licensed in North Carolina to list and sell real estate, please read the following step-by-step plan of action to begin your career.

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Read the first 3 Chapters and Appendix C of North Carolina Real Estate Principles and Practices (7th Edition, Revised) here. Password: NCSuperior1

Additional pre-reading for the pre-licensing class (Appendix C - pp. 633 - 655): Real Estate Commission RulesLicense Law & Rule CommentsChapter 93 A.

Complete Superiors 79-Hour Provisional Broker Licensing Course.

Superior’s 79-hour pre-licensing course is NC Real Estate Commission approved. Learn what you need to purchase and read, including extra study aids that will help you study for your test and state exam.

Purchase the NC Real Estate approved textbook, North Carolina Real Estate Principles and Practices (7th Edition, Revised), and read the first five chapters and appendix C. The Superior School Adventure Guide workbook is included in your tuition and will be provided on the first day of class. The following study aids will be available for purchase:

  • Audio CDs (10-hours of review)
  • Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam (exam content with practice quizzes and exams)


Obtain the NC Real Estate Commission Licensing Pamphlet.

The Real Estate Licensing In North Carolina pamphlet and the online application instructions contain information on the entire licensing process and a real estate application. Once you have passed your exam, you will apply to take the state exam. If you are a North Carolina resident, you may apply online.

Obtain your criminal report.

While completing the 79-Hour Provisional Broker Course, order your criminal report. If you plan to apply online, order your criminal through the NC Real Estate Commission application system or from This report must be included with your licensing application. Review your criminal report for accuracy.

Submit your completed online application to the to the NC Real Estate Commission, or send certified mail return receipt requested which requires additional postage.

If you apply online, be sure your criminal report has been sent, and Superior School has reported your course passing to the NC Real Estate Commission. An application fee of $100 must be paid by credit card with online application submission. Mailed applications must include: certified check or money order for $100, your criminal report and your original Superior School Certificate of Completion. State your present and past employment history, your present and past residences and your school code and instructor number carefully. Your school code and instructor number is located on your certificate of completion.

After the NC Real Estate Commission receives your completed application, you will receive a notice within 7 to 10 business days giving you permission to contact the testing service and schedule your appointment to take your NC real Estate Commission Examination on computer.

The NC Real Estate Examination consists of two combined “National” and “State” sections to be completed in a maximum 4-hr period. You must answer 71 or more questions correctly out of 100 “National” questions and 29 out of 40 “State” questions. If you score below on the “National” or the “State” sections, you may retake these sections by scheduling another appointment with the testing center no sooner than 10 days after your initial exam. If you pass, your application will be considered for licensure after review of your criminal report. After you are approved for licensure, you will receive your broker license in the mail. Your status will be “provisional” and you will be referred to as a “provisional broker.”

If you wish to become active in real estate, you will need to associate with a real estate firm or broker and pay your annual renewal fee to the NC Real Estate Commission on or before June 30 of each year.

A NC provisional broker license must be listed under a broker-in-charge to be activated and the licensee be eligible to sell/negotiate real estate transactions. If you do not wish to become active in real estate, you must pay your annual renewal fee to the NC Real Estate Commission every year before June 30 to keep your license.

Removing your “provisional” status.

Take at least one 30-hour broker post-licensing course by the anniversary date of your license issuance. Or take all 90 hours during your first year of licensure. The broker post-licensing courses are numbered 301, 302 and 303, and may be taken in any sequence.

To complete each broker post-licensing course, you must attend at least 80% of the class and pass a school exam by scoring 75% or higher. After completing the 90 hours of broker post-licensing courses, your “provisional” status is removed. These 90 hours of education do not count towards CE education hours.

Take continuing education courses of 8 hours annually before your second license renewal to keep your license on active status.

The required 4-hour NC Real Estate “General Update” Course is taught in class. After your first renewal prior to your second renewal, NC licensees take 8 hours of CE every year. View our “in-class” course selections by visiting and clicking on the "Live CE Class Schedule“ link found on the top navigation bar under "Continuing Education”.

Opening your own real-estate firm.

To open your own real estate firm, you must be in the real estate business for at least 2 years, average 40 hours a week, or 4000 part time hours in the previous 5 years. Plus, you must take a brokers-in-charge course taught by the NC Real Estate Commission.

After reviewing all of this information, please contact our Superior School staff to answer any remaining questions regarding licensure in North Carolina. Our administrative offices are located at Ballantyne Village in Charlotte, NC. We have pre-licensing and post-licensing classrooms at Ballantyne Village, Lake Norman, Greensboro and Raleigh. We are committed to providing “superior” education for each stage of your career and are dedicated to your success.

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